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Control your heating through your smartphone

Buderus Logamatic web KM200 enables controlling of heating systems through the iPhone®, iPadTM and iPod touch®

Buderus, a brand of Bosch Thermotechnology, enables convenient remote controlling and monitoring of your heating system at home. For example, if you are returning earlier than planned from a vacation, you can use your Apple iPhone®, iPadTM or iPod touch® to simply switch the heating system from holiday mode to regular mode while still on the road. For this purpose, the customers need the Buderus Gateway Logamatic web KM 200 as well as the application (“app”) EasyControl and, of course, an energy-saving Buderus EMS boiler.

Logamatic web KM200 allows heating systems controlled by the Logamatic EMS (energy management system) to be operated over the Internet. A room controller RC 30 or RC 35 needs to be in place in order for Logamatic web KM200 to work as an interface between the heating system and the Internet. For the time being, Logamatic web KM200 is compatible with the iPhone®, iPadTM or iPod touch®. In order to be able to access the heating system at home through the Apple devices, you need a mobile Internet tariff.

Users download the EasyControl programme from Apple’s App Store. The software is easy and comfortable to operate and offers a number of useful functions such as a mode switch between automatic and manual day/night switch. If the heating requirements change, the user is free to reprogramme the timer with EasyControl – while on the road or sitting on the sofa – without having to set the times directly on the heating system. For heating systems including solar components, the app also visualises the solar gain in a diagram. In addition, EasyControl also displays maintenance or error messages on the iPhone®, iPadTM or iPod touch®. The error messages are stored in order to make diagnosis and maintenance easier for the installer.

Other apps for heating installers are already being planned. A spare parts scanner will be presented at ISH and a design aid for flat radiators will soon be available in the App Store, too.

At ISH 2011, Buderus presents the Gateway Logamatic web KM200 and the EasyControl App which makes it possible to control the heating system from anywhere using the iPhone®, iPadTM oder iPod touch®.

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